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Are You Wanting to Learn?


The web sites of the Great Rivers Region offer the following opportunities:


Formal - Opportunities in a classroom with lecturer and fellow learners

(e.g. American Baptist History and Polity and Boundaries courses).


Informal - Learnings gathered from communications, articles

(e.g. Dwight Stinnett's Current Thoughts), blogs, and online videos.


Look now at the vertical menu on the left side of this page under the headings "GRR Sites" and "Learning Resources" for paths toward these opportunities. Whatever level of learning and/or training you want is available for your pursuit.


Just-in-time - Learning coming from accessing readily available information

Learn the tasks and purpose of the Pastoral Relations Committee

steps for preparing for a work mission trip or requirements for ordination)


How to's - Step by Step Instructions

e.g. how to do technical jobs such as preparing photos for the web, publishing a web site, etc.)


If you have started - or are continuing on - this path of lifelong learning, keep it up! If you are considering starting on this path, go for it!

Adult Learning


Alternative Ministerial Education


Webcasts (includingclips from events)

Carl Cottingham, Dean
  Alternative MinisterialEducation Program


Dwight Stinnett, Executive
  Current Thoughts


Linda Ricks
   Mainstream, News of
     Ministry & Mission in GRR


Richard Ricks
  GRR Web Ministries, Team




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