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Archive of Current Thought Columns by Dwight Stinnett
March 4, 2013 Exploring What Shapes Mission May Take in Your Community, Part III  
February 27, 2013 Exploring What Shapes Mission May Take in Your Community, Part II  
February 1, 2013 Exploring What Shapes Mission May Take in Your Community, Part I  
January 18, 2013 Compromising the Church's Identity MP3
December 12, 2012 What Do We Do in the Face of Senselessness?  
August 30, 2012 With Christ as our coach and running partner... MP3
April 4, 2012 The Events of the Week Before Easter... MP3
March 28, 2012 Thoughts Following White House Briefing: Our Baptist Heritage  
March 14, 2012 Baptist Leaders at White House Briefing  
August 22, 2011 "What I Have Learned: Building Community"  
August 8, 2011 "More of What I Have Learned..." MP3
August 1, 2011 "What I Have Learned in 25 Years of Ordained Ministry" MP3
May 4, 2011 "Our Inability or Unwillingness to See Racism for What It Is" MP3
April 27, 2011 "God Finishes What God Starts" MP3
March 22, 2011 "Challenged by 'Identity Confusion'?" MP3
February 7, 2011 "When the Storm Hits, What Do You Do?  
November 29, 2010 "Remember, Reconnect with Your Source of Life" MP3
October 31, 2010 "Top 3 Internal Challenges for GRR Churches" MP3
October 14, 2010 "Pay Attention to Time and Place of Ministry" MP3
January 14, 2010 "We've Never Been This Way Before" MP3
October 23, 2009 "Thy Kingdom Come" MP3
September 8, 2009 "Preaching 'Falling in Love with Jesus'"
April 21, 2009 "Christ Is Risen! So What?!" MP3
March 19, 2009 "Presumptions and the American Religious Identification Survey" MP3
January 16, 2009 "Travelling Companions" MP3
December 1, 2008 "When Will There Be Good News?" (MP3)
October 23, 2008 "Ministerial Greenhouses" (MP3)
August 11, 2008 "Challenging Hidden Racism?"  
June 17, 2008 “What difference does the church make in discipleship?” needs to be... (MP3)
May 29, 2008: "Dwight's Guest, Gary Baits, Reflects on Baptist Blitz and Costa Rica Covenant"  
May 20, 2008: "The Great Rivers Region on Mission...AGAIN!"  
March 12, 2008: "Relevance of the Resurrection" (MP3)
February 6, 2008: "Authentic invitation is..." (MP3)
January 15, 2008: "Not Busy-ness, but..." (MP3)
January 1, 2008: "Transitions Give Us Opportunity to Review"  


December 11, 2007: "But in Jesus Christ, God is inviting us to stop trying to..."  
October 30, 2007 : "The distinctive task of a pastor is..."  
August 30, 2007: "Wrestling with the Fact that Believers Encounter Doubt?"  
June 19, 2007: "All the attention given to functions—to the things we do—causes us to miss...".  
May 7, 2007: "GRR Participates in Baptist Blitz with Habitat for Humanity"  
April 17, 2007: "In Wake of Tragedy is not a time for bumper-sticker theology"  
April 3, 2007: "The Test of Faith Is About..."  
February 20, 2007: "Plowing with Jesus"  
January 29, 2007: Reflections on the Missions Conference  
January 9, 2007: Answers for Church Renewal?  


December 13, 2006: Can We Respond to Homeless Children?  
November 15, 2006: "Our Mission Context: Beyond Geography"  
September 1, 2006: "Discipleship's Challenge to Meet a Global Need"  
August 14, 2006: "One Way Your One Great Hour of Sharing Offering Is Making a Difference"  
May 23, 2006: "What about the Secular Culture of America?"  
March 22, 2006: "Beautify Your Mind" or "Your Mind Is the Problem"  
February 21, 2006: "What Is our Response to Immigration?" - second in series  
January 25, 2006: "Challenges of the New Context of Mission - first in series.  
January 2, 2006: "Confronting Racism requires..."  


December 5, 2005: "Something to Celebrate this Christmas?" "...God's love is more persistent than the human version..."  
June 9, 2005: "Challenging Times" "It is an understatement to claim..."  
March 7, 2005: "No Commission: No Church"
                               " From the Gospels, I suggest five categories of things that Jesus commanded."
January 12, 2005: "No Conversion: No Church, Part III"
                                "Discipleship and Discipline"



November 2004:

 "No Conversion: No Church, Part II"
                               "Why should I want to "join" a local church?"

May 2004:

 "Church Renewal"
                              The determining factor in church renewal is...

April 2004:

"No Conversion: No Church, Part I "
Contrary to Opinions of the Day - Then and Now?!

March 2004:

On "The Passion of the Christ" a film by Mel Gibson
        What controversy? What results when two conflicting ideas meet.

February 2004:

Doing Mission AND Ministry Make Churches Strong
     The church that longs to be strong will seek its strength in Jesus Christ through
     mission and ministry. There are no substitutes.

January 2004:

Faith Community: Life in a Paradox
  Church as community is the basis for congregationalism...the home of
  New Testament Freedom


November 2003: No Community, No Church II
The church as community is the basis...
September 2003: No Community, No Church I
It is clear that for Jesus, being "gathered together"
is an essential part of following Jesus ...
March 2003: No Christ, No Church
...we believe that the redemptive work of Christ calls together persons to become the "people of God" or the "household of God" (not isolated believing individuals).
February 2003: The Economy and Spiritual Health
...the financial state of a church is not so much a reflection of the economy as it is a symptom of spiritual health.
January 2003: What Is a Church?
While convinced that a "true church" could only be known to God, [Reformers] were also confident that there would be signs, or "marks," which give a reasonable indication that a church is present.


December 2002: Process of Change
  Real change is desperately difficult and exceedingly rare for all...
November 2002: Church Renewal
 I have never heard anyone say "we don't want renewal," but I have often observed a sense of puzzlement and even despair about what to do...
September 2002: Multigenerational Congregation
"We have no young people." How many times have I heard that lament in talking with Pastors and church leaders?
August 2002: A Time for Everything!
Dates are printed on foods to inform shoppers that there is a "window" during which the product must be used-and, after which...
June 2002: Ethics and Process
American Baptist clergy are held to a standard of behavior outlined...
May 2002: Finances in a Baptist Church
Pastors cannot wash their hands of financial matters. Their leadership must include the financial affairs of the church. In that spirit, I suggest five specific roles for Pastors.
March 2002: State of the Great Rivers Region
The churches in this Region are committed to faithfully living out God's call to mission and ministry in this time and place...
January 2002: Things Change
Times change. Circumstances change. Needs change. The same is true for...


December 2001: Christmas Thoughts
God is utterly different-yet remains engaged with creation. This is the grand paradox of the Christian faith, and the logic behind the Incarnation.
November 2001: Self-Care for Clergy
Ministerial leaders must be more deliberate about their own spiritual lives, their own physical condition, and their own mental health...
September 2001: Leaves of Worship
the real issue is how worship addresses and engages those who choose to be in our worship services... There are at least four needs...
August 2001: All People Groups
I want to focus on "all ethnics." We are not authorized to neglect or exclude any people group from our discipling....
July 2001: Better than Success
Early books on leadership focused on technique. More recent studies have emphasized the...
June 2001: Planting Churches
How will we plant new churches? Some churches may decide that the most effective way to meet a particular ministry need is...
May 2001: Proclaiming Our Heritage
... there is some theological content to the meaning of "Christian" and "American Baptist" that deserve wider discussion.
April 2001: Raising Ministerial Leaders, Part II
Can we give a persuasive reason for persons to listen for, and respond to God's call to congregational ministry?
March 2001: Raising Ministerial Leaders, Part I
The Region cannot solve this problem, but we do intend to spotlight the need...To this end we will...
February 2001: Sharpening Ministry Tools
Every "tool" that a congregation uses as the "cutting edge" of its ministry gets dull, and needs to be sharpened. Ministry tools fall into two broad categories...
January 2001: New Disciples
Evangelism and discipleship are inseparable. And churches struggle because...


December 2000:  The Manger
Is it possible that the scandal was too much for aunts and uncles? Had they already been turned away by extended family-or...
September 2000: Culture
The cultural issue is a thorny one for Christians. We cannot escape culture. At the same time, our transcendent connection with God through Christ calls us to...
August 2000: Compassionate Outreach
Healthy disciples and churches share in this extravagant love. They are truly com-passionate ("passionate with" God)...
July 2000: Loving Community
When present, loving community the thing most ....When absent, it is the thing most ...
June 2000:  Vital Worship
One of the significant characteristics of both believers and seekers as we transition into the 21st Century is a deep-felt desire to ...
May 2000: Youth Ministry and Beyond
Each of these needs and components of faith formation need to be part of our thinking as we plan and resource ministry in our churches-regardless of the age group.
April 2000: GRR Goals and Your Congregation
I would hope that these goals would challenge YOUR congregation to think about their four or five goals for the next few years.
March 2000: New Century, Same Christ
One of our spiritual gyros as we cross into the unknown of the 21st Century has to be the words of Jesus Christ...
January 2000: Discipleship Revisited
Making disciples has got to be one of the fundamental criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of...


December 1999: Effective Organization
The best organization for a church maintains the creative tension between...
October 1999: Effective Leadership
Some have asked that I might more widely share my thoughts which were presented to the Women in Ministry dinner [about the cultural environment our church leaders deal with today]...
September 1999: 50 Ways to Leave Your Church
56% of American employees suffer from wo