Building Bridges, Growing Ministry:

The Value of the Pastoral Relations Committee


A pastor's perspective.

Uses of this Course:

  • Just-in-Time Learning (See graphic icon menu listing tasks)
  • Reflect on current PRC Ministry
  • Evaluate and Upgrade Your Present Committee
  • Develop a PRC from scratch

What it is

Causes of pastors' and churches' resistance to having a PRC

Tasks of the PRC

Steps in the process of forming a PRC for your church

Characteristics to look for in those you would ask to serve on the prc

Ways that members of a PRC can grow in their abilities, confidence, and effectiveness

How to write an agenda for a PRC meeting

Alternatives to a PRC that can accomplish what a PRC would otherwise attempt to accomplish

Resources available to you for further learning and coaching about the PRC, its purpose, tasks, and ongoing ministry