Questions to consider:

1. Are you praying? That is, are you connected with the source of life?

2. Are you connected with a spiritual mentor (live or one of our gifted Christian writers and/or preachers of the present or past) or spiritual director?

3. Are you reading and meditating on God's Word daily?

4. Are you discipling or being a spiritual mentor to another?

5. Have you accepted God's call on your life - be it business, nursing, farming, etc or even pastoral ministry?

Some Resources:

Above All: God's Word

The Contemplative Pastor, Peterson

Devotional Classics, Foster and Smith

The Other Side of Silence, Morton T. Kelsey

Pastors' Retreat Network Web Site

Renovare Web Site

The Spirit-Led Leader: Nine Leadership Practices and Soul Principles, Timothy C. Geoffrion